Plato Films - Film and media production since 2008


Plato Films was founded in 2008 by producers, writers and directors, Keith Mackin and John Reck. We are a new independent production company based in Manchester. In the first year we have produced two high quality short films, the second film is currently in post-production. We are currently writing our first horror feature film which will go into production in 2010.

One Last Love SongOne Last Love Song

An aging man is haunted by the memories of a former lover and their romance. Gradually consumed by the power of his regret he realises he must face his past in order to lay his ghosts to rest.

This was the first short film produced under the banner of Plato Films. We had always intended for this to be more of a lyrical visual poem rather than a narrative driven drama. Inspired by exploring ideas of human consciousness we attempted to create a story whereby the protagonist would embark upon an interior journey whereaby he would confront the source of his pain. The ease with which film as an art form can manoeuvre between past and present or fantasy and reality makes it an ideal medium for the themes of the story. Film is the closest artistic medium to the human mind with its power to depict both what is physical and what is immaterial. It acts as testimony to the truth which can be found in both.

We were particularly interested in the question of memory in the film and the role that it plays in our emotional lives. The protagonist creates a nostalgic vision of his past and of the girl who inhabited it and using this fantasy he tortures himself. We hoped to humanely portray an aging man whose mistakes had become evident and his regret ever harder to bear, we wanted to explore what people do with their memories of the past? Can mistakes be reconciled in the present or is the only logical answer rejection? Must we reject what is too painful to accept, simply turn our back on it and erase it from our history?

Six Minutes of FreedomSix Minutes of Freedom

If life is defined by time then freedom is defined in six minutes!

Chris is a troubled teenager who wants to punch his way through life. Abandoned by his father, he harbours a deep resentment towards his mother and struggles to come to terms with the pain of rejection. His situation worsens with the arrival of his new Step-Family, especially his Step-Father, Paul. Chris channels his contempt for Paul into his talent for Boxing. In the ring he unleashes his frustration and tastes freedom. This Sport is the last link to his estranged father and Chris believes that through emulating his successes as a prize fighter he can make him proud and bring him back. However, the arrival of an unexpected letter threatens to shatter Chris’ illusions of his beloved father and set him on a new path.

Six Minutes of Freedom is a gritty social realist mellow drama about a young boy looking to fight his way back into the life of his estranged father. In doing so he jeopradises the stability of his step family as his behaviour threatens to tear them apart. This short is Plato Films first attempt at a dialogue driven narrative drama. The central character of Chris is aggressive yet vulnerable in his confused adolescence and he years for somewhere to belong. But for how much longer is Chris' step father willing to tolerate his indecision? Chris must make a choice between committing to his step family or going it alone in pursuit of his father.

  • One Last Love Song

    One Last Love Song wins best "Cinematography" award at the Yellow Fever International Film Festival 2009.

  • Six Minutes of Freedom

    Six Minutes of Freedom is our first co-production with All Seeing Eye Productions. The film stares Nico Mirallegro (Newt from Hollyoaks) and is currently in post production, and is due to be finished by the middle of December.

  • In talks with SDMC Productions

    We are currently in talks with SDMC Productions about co-writing a horror feature film, which is an exciting way to end the year.